Cannabinoids:101 — KanehTree, & The Current CBD Industry

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Welcome to KanehTree.

If you landed here by design, thank you for heading our way to begin your journey into the life-improving world of Cannabidiol. If you wound up here by accident, we hope you’ll stick around for a quick and informative Cannabinoids:101 lesson.

First off, let’s start with the sad truths

Unfortunately, CBD and Cannabidiol have become hype words—which has turned the industry into the wild wild west, for the time being. There’s a lot more fluff out there, than substance—putting more responsibility on the consumer and end user to do their homework; able to separate fact from fiction.

We’re different than other companies because we are here to give you the true benefits of CBD from our products

If you can dream it up, somebody has found a way to add or infuse CBD to it.

Skin care, supplements, shampoos and conditioners, post-workout recovery drinks, hummus, honey, cereal, olive oil, popcorn, candy, gum and peanut butter—not to mention entering the bedroom and bathroom by way of massage oil, lube, bath bombs, beard balms and deodorants.

If there’s a way to package, market and sell something—one of countless CBD companies will find a way to shill it. That’s not to say there aren’t some very good and useful items in the marketplace—but be warned, there are equally as many dangerous and unethical products, courtesy of those who got into this industry with the goal of making a quick buck, with no concern regarding outcome and impact.

Thankfully, the CBD industry remains strongly regulated—and as regulations get tighter, the imposters and swindlers will fall to the wayside, leaving longtime, well-intended brands like KanehTree to continue our mission of helping introduce the benefits of Cannabidiol to those in need.

Our mission at KanehTree is to help humankind in a way that is always ethical and beneficial for all.

We believe this isn’t just about CBD—it’s all about cannabinoids and all plant-based materials. The Europeans have understood this science for centuries—a belief that you need the FULL PLANT and not just one molecule from the plant.

This is a much deeper conversation to explore in the KanehTreeBlog down the road—but it warrants a quick mention here as it is a big component to our Cannabinoids: 101 introduction.

We use European hemp to give your body the best it deserves

KanehTree chose to work with European hemp because we believe strongly not just in the best ingredients—but in longevity, consistency and process. The Europeans understand the true value of these plants—as well as their full plant-based potential. The science hasn’t been reduced to just CBD for them.

There is also deep understanding that all cannabinoids effect and impact the body differently—so when you have multiple cannabinoids working in unison, you see what is called an “entourage effect”—which technically speaking, is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds other than THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) act synergistically with it, to modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant.

All the ingredients must be tested and all the ingredients must work together. This being the case—terpenes, plant waxes, cannabinoids, flavinoids being as close to the plant, in the ground, is always going to be better.

Unfortunately—for CBD industry-sake—many in the United States have never grown hemp in their lives and are quickly realizing there is a learning curve when it comes to understanding this complex plant. Conversely, a country like France has been cultivating hemp for over 700 years.

Even more impressive—the fact that all European hemp has to be organic to enter the United States. This imported hemp oil is cleared through customs—with more occasional testing on the U.S. to make sure everything remains on the up-and-up.

Europe’s proven track record and ethical practices made them a no-brainer option for KanehTree to work with—as we’ve seen these products not just work incredibly fast, but they’ve also yielded premium results.

With so many things in life, there is a theory that more is always better. We live in a super-sized world and anything new-and-improved always seems to come with 25% more product—but more isn’t always better when it comes to CBD. Brands who subscribe to that flawed theory will ultimately deliver products with 85-to-90% CBD—but lose the “entourage effect” in the process.

We hold our products to a high standard to deliver the most premium experience to you

The products KanehTree chooses to make will always have the best standard practices, which ensures the product choices we make will result in a premium experience for the end user. Hemp is an incredible plant with over hundreds of uses—standing the test of time, while people, brands, fads and theories come and go.

When you cut through all the marketing hype, and a bigger-is-better mentality—you quickly realize there’s no reason to add any extra hype to hemp; just let this wonderful plant speak for itself, as it won’t b.s. you or let you down—and neither will KanehTree.

Still have questions? We’re here to help!

(More questions about CBD that you feel haven’t been answered here? Always feel free to drop us us a line as we are here to help educate and share our knowledge.)