Are CBD Gummies Useful Or Useless?

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In our last Cannabinoids: 101 article, we did our best to break down the benefits of CBD for newer users. A bit part of that education, cautioning the newbies that CBD and Cannabidiol have become hyped up buzzwords thanks to all the newcomers to the industry looking to make a quick buck.


As we’ll mention often, if you can imagine a product or good, someone out there has created a way to infuse CBD into it. Skin care, supplements, bedroom, bathroom or food and beverage—everywhere you look, there’s a whole lot of CBD going on. One trend that’s taking off are CBD gummies—which are definitely a great way to get small amounts of CBD on-the-go, but in the grander scheme this has definitely become a hype product due to the way most gummies are created. KanehTree pushed back on adding gummies to our product line for years, but like so many other aspects of our CBD-fueled journey—we felt it made more sense to craft an item the right way, in a marketplace full of inferior hype products.


We began the process of finding the ideal, like-minded manufacturer—and after about two dozen who got it wrong, we finally found that needle in the haystack partner who got it right. We’re not exaggerating when we tell you that out of two dozen manufacturers we worked on samples with, the majority tested with little to no CBD in the end product. Translation; a lot of good folks out there looking to have some CBD in their lives—they’re paying up to $50 for a one-month supply of a product no different than a bag of Haribo Original Gummy Bears. It took some pretty rigorous lab testing and countless samples before we were able to land on a consistent amount of CBD per gummy.


Our secret—which we are more than glad to share, for the betterment of the industry and product the end user winds up with—making each gummy with exactly 10mg of CBD, opposed to just mixing CBD into the entire batch. Infusing each gummy properly, coupled with the lab testing—it allows KanehTree to guarantee you receive exactly what the label states. All that to say, we’re still of the belief that gummies are only a small part of one’s CBD journey—a quick pick-me-up, on top of beginning and ending each day with at least a 50mg helping of oil, underneath the tongue, where it can properly enter your system. KanehTree is now offering gummies simply because we wanted to give our loyal customers and brand enthusiasts what they’ve been personally asking for. In doing our part, we hope that you’ll follow suit and remember that gummies are just the beginning—and that it truly takes a full spectrum-type product to give your body (and mind) the CBD it truly needs to thrive.