CBD For Pets; Helpful Or Harmful?

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A lot of recent inquiries regarding CBD and if they have a positive impact on our beloved pets. The answer to that is a resounding, “yes”.

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system—humans and animals alike. For those who don’t know what an endocannabinoid system is—it’s the molecular system responsible for regulating and balancing many processes in the body, including immune response, communication between cells, appetite and metabolism, memory, etc.

Almost every body process is affected by endocannabinoids—with CBD acting as a vehicle to help bring everything back to that desired state of homeostasis.

The purpose of this article is similar to the one written weeks back regarding CBD gummies in the marketplace and hype products in the CBD space.

Gummies are a very non-invasive way for one to dip their toe into the CBD waters—and while beneficial, fact remains there is a lot of inconsistency with many brands not troubleshooting and properly testing to ensure each gummy delivers the promised 10mg of CBD advertised.

KanehTree went through dozens of potential partners and manufacturers, landing on one that infused each gummy individually—versus creating a larger batch, which impacts quality control.


Unfortunately, most pet-related CBD products fall into that similar space—a lot of hype, but in the end a lack of cannabinoids in the products. This is why we only use the best THC-free CBD extracts in KanehTree’s products.

One big question we keep hearing is in regards to new CBD users turning to this form of treatment late in the game when their beloved pet is getting older and they’re looking for ways to fight the aging process. Truth be told, it’s much better to go on offense instead of playing defense.

Translation; start your pet on a CBD regimen when they are a puppy or kitten—not when their an older dog or house cat in their final years, battling life-altering ailments.

Introducing your dog or cat to CBD—you can expect to see some benefits and we strongly encourage you to continue deep diving the subject as there is some valuable information out there that we as a CBD company need to be careful in how we state.

What we can definitely tell you is that as business owners and pet lovers, all those in the KanehTree family have had our household pets on a steady CBD regiment since the animals were born and we’re big believers that this practice is beneficial to our furry friends.

We’ve also heard a lot from those in the equestrian community—asking if CBD is beneficial for horses, as well as having questions regarding amounts for such large, majestic creatures. The answer—CBD is absolutely beneficial for equine consumption as horses’ endocannabinoid system is very similar to humans; well-tolerated without any euphoric or negative effects.

For those in the equestrian community, you know this is a passionate topic as “horse people” and their affinity for these beautiful animals is unparalleled.

Stall confinement, traveling for shows and events—you in this community are well-aware of your horse’s daily needs and we are also big believers in what CBD can do in the daily lives of horses.


Like introducing CBD any other mammal, the “start low, go slow” methodology absolutely applies. You can always ramp up and use more once acclimated—which is always the approach for humans and animals alike.

Outside of that, the KanehTree message remains the same—always choose the highest-quality CBD products and a reliable, 100% transparent manufactured that offers a third-part lab analysis certificate.

We can’t control everything in this life—but we can do our homework and in the case of all things CBD, choosing an organically-grown hemp (with no residual solvents, pesticides or heavy metals in the final product)—that is a decision completely in our control, so choose wisely.