CBD For Kids; Helpful Or Harmful–And When To Start

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It’s a topic we’ve wanted to broach for a while now—and the amount of questions we’ve gotten recently make this post feel pretty timely. Are cannabinoids right for your child? This is obviously a personal decision that each parent need to make on their own, after doing a fair amount of research on the subject. Detractors are often quick to state that there is very little know about cannabinoids, or that “not enough research had been done” in regards to CBD. I can’t stress to you how incorrect that mindset is. So much research has been done—and thanks you technology and the Internet, it is all at our fingertips if we’re willing to put in the work.


A good jumping off point for most would be visiting the National Library of Medicine at PubMed.gov—where the National Institute of Health has documentation from thousands of clinical studies throughout the world. I highly recommend you start your journey there. For the sake of this article, the focus will be personal experience using cannabinoids—as all of us in the KanehTree family are obviously big proponents of CBD and it’s benefits. Our family began our cannabinoid journey around mid-2016—implementing CBD into our daily lives. My sons were seven and five years old at the time—and both were not only dealing with rest-related issues, there were also those standard growing pains our kids go through as their bodies stretch out at that phase of life. I practiced what I preach to all of you—doing my homework and coming to the personal conclusion that the risks were extremely minimal, while the reward was nothing short of remarkable. I started out giving the boys CBD isolate in oil form—choosing the isolate to avoid any legality issues. I personally don’t see any harm in using a full spectrum oil, as there aren’t any psychological possibilities like one would run into when using marijuana—but it wasn’t worth the risk of a false positive should either of the boys ever have a urine test between now and when they’re legally of age.


Size-wise children are obviously much smaller than adults—so I subscribed to the KanehTree method of going slow and low out the gate. We found that a 12mg to 15mg was the ideal amount back then—and have graduated to 50mg to 100mg, depending on the activity, a the boys are now nine and 11, respectively. It’s been four years with CBD as a big part of our lives—using isolate form of the oil in supplementary fashion, the way us parents would give our kids a Flintstones vitamin, while doubling up on Vitamin C during flu season. I wholeheartedly believe that this process helped the boys grow during these pivotal years—but again, encourage all of you to do your own homework in finding out what will works best for your families. One area that’s been super-beneficial to our household; a much easier process when it comes to winding down for bedtime and getting everyone to sleep. The boys both seem to fall asleep much quicker and easier than before, while both have independently shared over the years just how much better they’re sleeping (and waking up well-rested.) On top of the improved sleeping habits, the second thing we noticed was an improved mood overall. The boys seemed to be in a much better headspace throughout the day—and lastly, the growing pains the boys had suffered through—all gone.


Taking a pro-active approach, opposed to reactive—it’s a mindset that goes hand-in-hand with my background in Exercise Physiology. Focusing on eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear, versus responding to events after they’ve happened. I’ve always been about the former, not the latter—which has carried into this CBD journey, as well. Taking that proactive approach to introducing CBD to my sons—I asked myself the following questions. Would it be possible that the boys would feel different? Would we see results? In our case, the experience has been nothing but positive—but we’re also aware that all kids are different and each family has different sets of circumstances. Cannabinoid-based products as a preventative in our household—the approach has worked wonderfully. If scrolling through the KanehTree site and looking for a jumping off point for your children—here are some that are safe, based on our family’s experience. CBD gummies and CBD Iso Pure (1,500mg) are both favorites of the boys—who are also big fans of our creams and salves. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve used the salve on their skin for rashes, scrapes and even sunburns—as well as the relief cream at day’s end. Sticking with the preventative approach—we’ve also used the salve before the boys have gone out in the sun. Again, worth doing your due diligence here, but there are studies showing how use of salve can potentially slow down the sun’s impact on the skin.


In closing, we have multiple members of the KanehTree extended family who use a bevy of products of their kids—which is yet one more reason we are so focused on using high-quality ingredients. The last thing any parent wants to do—introducing any senseless negative ingredients into their lives of their little loved ones. Living in health-conscious Colorado, we are very particular regarding anything our children consume—food, beverage and obviously CBD-related products. KanehTree would never give a suggestion on what to give your kids that we weren’t currently giving ours. KanehTree remain a safe, effective and personally-used brand—and we want you to feel as confident with our products as we personally are in our worlds.