Extended 20%-Off Black Friday Sale At KanehTree!

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With Thanksgiving week officially upon us, KanehTree wanted to get things rolling a few days early—so our 20%-off side-wide, Black Friday sale is officially underway through Sunday November 29th at 11:59 p.m. PT at KanehTree.com!

For those of you who reached this article by way of the link in our recent VIP email—a hearty welcome to KanehTree family from Philip Foltz, Kristi Twomey and Carl Giese.

The majority of you know us through personal and / or business relationships over the years and we wanted to use this post (and holiday sale) to get reacquainted.

The three of us took a leap back in 2016, and began working with a CBD brand called Kannaway—which many of you know was the first direct sales company in both the hemp and CBD industry.

Without getting sidetracked and too deep into the nitty gritty, the three of us decided to go a different route in 2018—with a desire to launch a CBD brand that matched with our core values and one that checked off all boxes integrity-wise that aligned with how we believe this journey should look.

Between Kristi, Carl and me—the most-important pillar of our new model; a commitment to the purest and most-natural European oil, versus American oil—which in reality, is everything.

Fast-forward to September 2019, when we launched our first set of European-infused products—which was met overwhelmingly, in a way that has left us nothing but grateful for all of you–with Thanksgiving only a few days out.

Even with as rocky as 2020 has been for many, the KanehTree family has made the most of this quirky year—increasing our product line over the past several months, while investing more back into our brand in effort to expand our reach and spread our gospel.

For those of you who know us personally and professionally, we’d love to hear from you—and the same goes for any of you who are new to the brand and looking to educate yourselves in the world of CBD.

This is more than just our livelihood—it is the passion of everyone associated with KanehTree and we feel compelled to share what knowledge we can with all you newer adopters. We’re all in this journey together.

Please make sure to sign up for our email list, our newsletter and blog—as all three will unlock the door to future sales, promos, tips and information on new products.

Thank you all for your friendship—old an new—and we look forward to forging ahead on this CBD-inspired path together.

Happy Thankgiving to all, and may you make the most of these Black Friday offers (especially our brand new bath bombs!)

Phillip Foltz, Kristi Twomey & Carl Giese
KanehTree, LLC