Keeping New Years Resolutions Going All Year Long

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We’re just over two-thirds of the way through January and if you’re like most folks, well-intended new year resolutions are going right out the window.

Life clean-ups are hard enough under normal circumstances, but when you toss in simply trying to cope amidst a global pandemic—no rougher January in recent memory, in regards to quickly falling back into creature comforts and bad habits.

We are still running our New Year, New You bundle sales—both the full spectrum and the iso-pure—through the rest of the month. Each set comes with a 1500mg oil, gummies, relief cream, a salve stick and bath bomb—and is the perfect January jumping-off point for any CBD newbie, or long-time enthusiast.

Outside of getting your CBD health in order this new year, this is the ideal time for a restart—where we find a way to focus on all our health and general wellbeing. Diet and exercise are the obvious areas that people focus on, but that is only half the battle.

A few other pointers and suggestions that go hand-in-hand with this new wellness journey:

— Create a healthy sleep routine—starting immediately. The effects of sleep depravation are more troublesome than most even realize; memory and concentration issues, mood swings, weakened immunity, high blood pressure or heart disease, low sex drive, as well as weight gain and a slowed-down metabolism.

Getting less than seven hours sleep per night can lead to these type of health risks—and while that morning cup of coffee can provide a spark, it doesn’t replace a good night’s sleep—and can also be a deterrent when it comes to falling asleep.

Avoiding electronics before bedtime, limiting alcohol intake, sticking to a schedule—while proactively doing things such as reading, meditating or taking a warm bath (CBD bath bombs, anyone?)—all are both necessary and very helpful.

We’ll also take a moment here to re-beat the CBD oil drum in regards to the endocannabinoid system and how using the product nightly can interact with specific receptors, with the ability to affect your sleep and wake cycle.

Whatever process you choose, get your sleep patterns reset here in the new year as it’s the first and most-important step in your journey.

— When it comes to exercise, most of us cruise through the final six weeks of every year—Thanksgiving turning into Hannukah or Christmas, followed by that dead week before New Year’s Eve.

All that to say, by the 1st there is a lot of optimism and hope regarding new resolutions and regimes—that even when well-intended, can be lost in a matter of days, or weeks.

It’s never easy to ramp up from zero to 100—and it can be defeating to bite off more than we can chew—so a reminder to start slow and ease into things. As you create these new habits, make a point to keep your workouts interesting and to commit to doing something every day, big or small.

Don’t feel like tackling the intense workout? Get outside and take a walk or a hike, which not only can get the heart rate going and some much-needed Vitamin D (at a time when we’re all spending more time indoors than before)—but is also important for you mental well-being and screen time overload that seems to occupy so much of our lives.

— Advising others on how to handle diet is always a tricky conversation, as it is such a personal decision. There are also different levels of motivation and desired results. Are we looking to get heart-healthy, versus leaner or more muscular?

Whatever the intention, it’s all about setting realistic expectations that set you up for both physical and emotional success.

Regardless of the end goal, good decision-making is imperative in any food-related journey. Portion control, moderation and not eating too late in the evening are all good places to start. Same to be said with rewarding yourself at least once a week if you’ve stuck to the plan.

Other little hacks like ditching sodas and juices to fill up on water, or dipping your fork in your dressing (opposed to drowning your salad)—the key is to be cognizant of your food decisions without getting obsessive.

Workout to feel better—more so than trying to look better—and you’ll be way ahead of the curve expectations-wise.

— Last, but certainly not least—mental health is something to protect and nurture daily. As you work to create fresh habits in this new year, a few simple-yet-effective things to fine-tune and tweak—all of which can make a big difference.

More positivity, less gossip. Putting down the phone at night and picking up a book instead. Avoiding the toxicity of social media and using that time to acknowledge things you are grateful for. Calling friends and family instead of texting.

All small changes on the surface, but when added up they can change everything.