14-Day “Better You” CBD Challenge—A Must-Do

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Over three months into the new year, most resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Even the most well-intended can find themselves in a rut—diets and workout routines going up in flames, as both can be time-consuming while needing much restraint and discipline.

Unfortunately, the goal of losing weight and toning up is phase two of the better health journey—made more difficult if a proper foundation hasn’t been laid down in phase one.

This new challenge is something we’ve created a a non-invasive way to help our friends, families, co-workers and neighbors embark on what we’re calling a “better you” journey.

Unlike working out or restricting your diet—this simple challenge is rooted in adding a few basic steps to your everyday life; as easy to incorporate with the routine of brushing your teeth after a meal, or washing your face before bed.

For those who want to take it a step further as part of a bigger lifestyle overhaul—this challenge will go hand-in-hand with any workout routine or diet, helping you achieve optimal results all around—but it’s not required.

Truth is, many of us struggle with our diet and workout regiments due to some basic aspects of life which hinder us—and which CBD can help curb.


Anxiety and stress. Restless night and poor sleep. Sore muscles, aches and pains.

How is the average person supposed to dedicate the time, energy and discipline needed for a healthier diet and workout routine, when they can’t even get a handle on their sleep habits, or stress levels?

Every journey starts with that first step—and at KanehTree, we believe that starts with a CBD-driven lifestyle that will alleviate stress, heal sore muscles and give you the optimum deep sleep needed to get out to attack the day, while achieving all of your personal goals.

What we’re referring to as a 14-Day “Better You” Challenge—that’s simply our clever way of asking you to give this little lifestyle change a shot.

All of us implemented these changes year ago, are better for it and haven’t looked back—which is why we launched this brand and are so passionate in our messaging. We’ve found what we believe to be a life hack, we feel it’s changed everyone and we want to shout it from the mountaintop.

The challenge is simple; religiously commit a thrice-per-day CBD regiment—morning, early afternoon and evening—and the results will speak for themselves.


For those who received our most-recent email blast—we laid out the process to more energy, less stress, better sleep and an overall better you. We’ll go into that with a little bit more detail here—with some personal recommendations added in:

— When you peel yourself out of bed in the morning and those muscles are aching, after a night of tossing, turning and minimal deep sleep—hop a hot shower to get the blood flowing, towel off and hit those sore muscles with our relief cream, or capsaicin rub—for those who prefer a little heat. 

For the workout crew, you’ll be warned up and ready to get after it—but so will those folks who just want to pour a cup of coffee and start their work day. 

— Late morning, or early afternoon—depending on when you start to crash or hit a wall—this is the best time to reach for our mushroom-fueled, watermelon-flavored RECHARGE blend; an ideal mid-day pick-me-up to keep you rolling for the second half of your work day. 

This blend of hemp extract, Vitamin B complete and cordyceps extract will help fight fatigue, while increasing stamina and endurance. 

Why we refer to these as little life hacks, small choices that make a big difference—the is the time of day that most reach for a sugar- or caffeine-fueled energy drink, which gives a quick burst, but results in a crash—both of which can impact quality of sleep hours later. 

— Lastly, a healthy nighttime shutdown—alleviating restlessness and promoting a better, deeper sleep—courtesy of our mushroom and hemp extract SLEEP blend; featuring various botanicals and melatonin, in a soothing lavender vanilla flavor. 

Where prescription or over-the-counter sleeping aids can deliver a knockout blow, leaving a morning-after hangover—our SLEEP blend takes the edge off, shuts off the brain and promotes healthy rest. 


In short, simple 1-2-3 fashion for those wanting a summary:

MORNING: Relief or Capsaicin creams for sore, post-sleep muscles—hot shower, optional.  

AFTERNOON: A few drops of our RECHARGE blend as a mid-day pick-me-up—avoiding the caffeine rush and sugar crash received via most energy drinks. 

EVENING: A few post-bedtime drops of our SLEEP blend, promoting healthy rest. 

Rinse, wash and repeat for at least two weeks—if not a full month—and await the results.

When you have them, please leave a review with us and receive a 15%-off coupon for your next order—a KanehTree thank you for you trust in our process and for trusting what was hopefully a life-changing challenge.