KanehTree’s New CBD Mushroom Blend A Game-Changer

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The feedback regarding our recent, 14-day “Better You” challenge has been incredible—and kudos to all of you who took the early-year plunge regarding incorporating CBD into your day-to-day.

One question we keep receiving over-and-over is in regards to our new mushroom and hemp extract tinctures—offered in RECHARGE, REST and STRESS blends—not to mention, a new IMMUNITY blend that just hit our site this week.

“Can you please tell us a little more about your new mushroom blend and how that works with CBD? I’ve heard about this new trend, but figured I’d ask the experts to weigh in. Thank you.” — Matt S. – Huntington Beach, CA

Appreciate the question, Matt. For starters, some quick history on medicinal mushrooms—which have been long been used throughout Asia and other countries for centuries.

There are said to be close 300 different species of mushrooms with varying therapeutic properties. These mushrooms continue to be harvested in natural habitats—the biggest change coming in how we’ve learned how to cultivate them.

With the new advances in cultivation and education, there have been countless new studies on medicinal mushrooms over the past few decades—especially in the Orient—which has gone a long way to not just confirm traditional beliefs of their power, but has also shown new health benefits from mushrooms.

We’ve long known the immunological and anti-cancer benefits of medicinal mushrooms, we’re now learning how beneficial they are in everything from cholesterol-lowering and anti-hypertensive, to liver protection, anti-inflammatory and a natural antioxidant.


For those new to the cannabidiol world, a quick CBD: 101 reminder that this cannabis related product can be used to treat pain, anxiety and depression—while new studies are showing an impact on heart health, lowering blood pressure and reducing symptoms related to both cancer, and side effects related to treatment.

(Again, when it comes to this fast-growing CBD world—we advise everyone to do their own homework—as brand like KanehTree will always stay away from making any claims, due to the FDA and wanting to stay within proper guidelines.) 

When deep diving all things related to medicinal mushrooms, as well as cannabidiol—you’ll see a natural fit between the two, which is why several forward-thinking brands have begun releasing new tinctures and oils combining the two.

As for what you can expect from these new blends—safe to say a more comprehensive experience than just your straight-up CBD tincture:

— A natural mood enhancer, the combination of CBD’s anxiolytic and antidepressant-like effects (which help regulate emotions) and mushrooms ability to adapt to any circumstance—the result should be enhanced positive emotions and an elevated overall spirit.

Studies have show this to be the case with those who suffer from depression, or even PTSD—and for those suffering from either, we encourage to deep dive the subject more to see if this can benefit you. 

— This combination can also help alleviate general anxiety, as medicinal mushrooms contain a prodrug called psilocybin, that when combined with CBD are said to have the ability to help with overall anxiety and stress relief. 

— A natural immunity booster, as medical mushrooms like Reishi or Gandoerma Lucidum are known to trigger white blood cells to do their job proper, while CBD is believed to reinvigorate the overall immune system. 

— For those who have problems staying focused (look, a squirrel!)—the combination of CBD and medicinal mushrooms is said to help provide calmness and a lowered heartrate, while psilocybin is believed to help sustain higher levels of concentration.

— There are countless studies in regards to the concoction of CBD and medical mushrooms—in regards to scaling down symptoms and relieving pain.

(As a brand, again, it is a fine line for KanehTree to play an educational role, or to make claims—so we merely suggest you study the information out there in regards to these beliefs. We simply want to bring it to your attention.)  


Lastly, a little history on a few of the different medicinal mushrooms you’ll find in KanehTree’s new blends:

— Coriolus Versicolor (Turkey Tails) — Found in the woodlands of China and Europe, as well as as the oak woods of the Pacific Coast—”turkey tails” are said to be effective against several cancers, while lowering cholesterol (in animal studies) and boosting immunity.

— Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) —Found worldwide—though the Chinese and Japanese species have been studied themes for their therapeutic value—reishi is said to enhance oxygenation of the blood, lower cholesterol levels and to positively impact high blood pressure. Also said to have positive impacts on liver and respiratory health.

— Hericium Erinaceus (Lion’s Mane) —  Found in China, Japan and parts of Europe and North America. Effective against several forms of cancer, improves digestive health and positive impact on immune system.


We encourage you to continue doing your homework on all things CBD-related and to incorporate it into your daily regiment.

For those who missed our recent post about the 14-Day “Better You” CBD challenge—we encourage you to check it out, as it’s the best way to put a toe in these waters, while holding yourself accountable and setting yourself up for success!

Questions? Please reach out as we’re always here to help you with your journey.