Memorial Day CBD Bundle—Thinking About Our Vets

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Those of you on our email list received a note last week, as we wanted our loyalists to get an early jump on this Memorial Day bundle.

Our US military is everything to those of us involved with KanehTree—many of us with family members who have served—as well as one of our co-founders dedicating the latter years of his career to helping veterans find housing.

Veteran’s Day is our country’s November tribute to all who served—but Memorial Day is the heaviest of these military holidays, as we honor those men and women who died while serving this great nation.

While this holiday pays respect to those we’ve lost—it sits heavy many of our veterans, who carry the pain of survivors’ guilt as well as simply missing their fellow servicemen and women.

Knowing our veterans are often marginalized, we spoke with friends of the brand who served and are CBD enthusiasts—asking them what products they’ve found success with and what they’d recommend to fellow vets.

This new Memorial Day bundle is a good way to put a toe in the water, with a handful if items meant to help throughout the day and night. This set includes the following:

— (1) 1000mg Hemp-Extract STRESS Blend — (retail $79.99)
— (1) 1000mg Hemp-Extract SLEEP Blend — (retail $79.99) 
— (1) 30-Count 300mg Gummies — (retail $34.99)

This set usually comes in just under $200—but we’ve knocked it down to $149.99 this holiday week and weekend.

Regarding the *why* we felt the 1000mg mushroom-hemp extract blends were a great way to tag team daytime stress and nighttime sleep issues—while the gummies were a great mid-day option to help with overall maintenance; easy as 1-2-3.

We are also giving our first 50 customers their choice of our brand new 800mg Delta-8 THC “Feel Good” Blend — (retail $59.99) or a THC-free 1500mg ISO Filtered CBD Oil — (retail $109.99).

While our new Delta-8 has fast-become one of our most-popular items—we’re well aware that many of our veterans are subject to drug testing to keep their benefits—so we wanted to also say thanks with a non-THC, ISO Filtered CBD Oil option, for those unable to partake in the Delta-8.

This Memorial Day bundle is obviously for anyone who is interested—you don’t have to be a veteran to take advantage of the discount—as KanehTree remains on a mission to introduce CBD into the lives of all who are interested.

We simply put this bundle together out of respect for our veterans who we know have the ability to wind up in a darker place as this Memorial Day weekend is upon us.

There is no greater sacrifice than laying down one’s life for this country—while protecting our freedom—and every veteran still with us today knew what they were signing up for when protecting and serving this country.

We stand behind them this weekend—as well as every military member lost fighting for this great nation.