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Are you up to feeling better day and night? From a great night’s sleep to kicking stress to the curb?  Our CBD/Japanese Mushroom blends are here to save the day!

1. Get a better nights sleep with our CBD/Japanese Mushroom SLEEP blend.  

2. Replace your coffee or Energy drinks with a healthier option of our CBD/Japanese Mushroom RECHARGE blend, and take your workouts to the next level.  

3. Feeling stressed and anxious, try our CBD/Japanese Mushroom STRESS blend, when you are ready to come back to your center and feel your calm again.


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Our new blends offer a powerhouse combination of super mushrooms along with the high grade European CBD you know and trust to help you own your day and night.

  • Red Reishi Mushroom* – immune boosting benefits, reduce depression and fatigue
  • Cordyceps – boost immune function, potential to improve Stamina, athletic performance, libido enhancement,  anti aging, lower inflammation
  • Lion’s Mane – helps relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, may speed recovery from nervous system injuries, protects digestion, reduces inflammation,  boost immune function
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